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One of the finest and the most competent immigration & visa agents in Delhi, we are recognized by the Canadian Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Mrs. Usha Sharma an industry veteran with over 19 years of experience spearheads Uniglobe.We at Uniglobe believe that immigration isn’t the right of only the chosen and privileged few. But that anyone, with the right skills and education, has a right to move to his chosen destination, for a better future and earn more money.

Presently, we cover Australia and Canada the two most extensively visited destinations. And, provide skilled, business and investor visa services to these destinations.

Whether you want to crack the Express Entry, or the PNP code for Canada; or SkillSelect code for Australia, look no further! Check with us and we will craft a great future overseas for you!



We at Uniglobe Immigration Services, are specialists in dealing with Residency Visas for Canada and Australia under skilled and business migration programs.We carry a expansive experience in providing transparent assessment of profiles and assisting applicants appreciate eligibility criteria that they need to qualify for their applications to be through.



Express Entry

Canada PR has a strong immigration system. It admits people of foreign origin on the basis of age, skills, occupation and/or education.

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Calculate Your CRS Points

This following points will tell you the minimum requirements you need to have in order to apply for Canada PR visa.

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Quebec Skill Worker Program

Quebec has a vibrant culture that attracts thousands of immigrants every year to apply as skilled workers for permanent residency.

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Mission & Vision

We draw out inspiration from our very basic principal, “Only the die-hard honest can survive the test of time and eventually stand out of the crowd”. Uniglobe Immigration Services has been established with an intent of filling the void in the immigration visa sector – that is highly saturated and is flooded by the self-styled experts; and providing reliable services to the enthusiasts aiming to move to Australia, or Canada to explore greener pastures.

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We at Uniglobe Visas are one of the top immigration and Visas Service provider for Canada & Australia where you can apply for Residency and Visitor Visas for these countries.



All kind of immigration and Visa Services are being offered for country Canada.



All kind of immigration and Visa Services are being offered for country Australia.

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What makes Uniglobe Immigration Services different from others?

Top Ranking Market

The Indian visa consultancy business is presently saturated with many self-styled veterans and industry specialists. Most of them are either rookies or fly-by-night operators, in the business with the sole purpose of making some quick money, at the cost of the gullible and hapless visa seekers.

We are different.

We at Uniglobe Immigration Servicesbelieve that it’s a sin to play with one’s sentiments and dreams, especially when the person trusts you with his life’s most important goals and aspirations.

How we are different?

  1. 1. We aren’t in the business to make quick money.
  2. 2. We aren’t one of the fly-by-night operators who melt into the thin air before you can blink your proverbial eyelids.
  3. 3. We don’t operate out of home, with just a laptop or a desktop, but have a proper office right in the heart of Delhi, at one of the most iconic & prestigious addresses.
  4. 4. We aren’t run by a money-minded novice with little or no industry experience but by an industry veteran with 25+ years of industry experience,who has helped and guided 100s of applicants move to the various top destinations, through their preferred visa categories.
  5. 5. We don’t play ‘hide and seek’ games with our clients. Nor do we play the guessing game with them.
  6. 6. We don’t hide anything. Before we start the process, we get everything in black & white for you to avoid any kind of confusions and uncertainties.
  7. 8. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver.  

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