Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration

Australia is one of the top immigration destinations in the world offering heterogeneous opportunities to the new immigrants to settle down in the country as per Australia immigration norms. The kangaroo land has its own Australia Immigration Point System which aids in hand picking the Australia Permanent Resident under the norms of Australia PR Visa. Moreover, the government of Australia proffers various visa options enabling the people from all sorts of occupations to settle in the country. The shortage in many of the industries of the country, has aided the individuals with skilled abilities to come in the country on the permanent basis.

What are the criteria for Australia Immigration?

In order to reach the other end of the pipeline, the immigrants have to pass through an eligibility check as per the pre set norms under Australia Immigration. This preset norms aids in taking out the crux of how the immigrant is helpful in contributing in the economy and what sort norms would apply to that particular person as an Australia Permanent Resident. Following are the requirements or the criteria for Australia Immigration:
  •  Age : Age is one of the inevitable factors in the Australia Immigration process. It plays a crucial role in deciding, in which phase of career is immigrant in. The maximum points that allocated are till the age of 35. After that, till the age of 45 years the points keep on depleting which dunks you in the range of ineligible candidates. The 45 years of age is the maximum age that is being accepted in the immigration process.
  •  Nominated Occupation : When you apply for the Australia immigration visa, the immigrant needs to nominate an occupation found in the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List. The occupation nominated should fit in the skills, qualification and experience of the immigrant. If right occupation is not nominated, it may lead you to dismay.
  •  Language Ability : An immigrant ought to prove their competitiveness in the language ability. The language used for communication in Australia is English. The immigrants need to appear for the language test IELTS i.e. International English Language Test Skills exam or PTE i.e. Pearson Test of English exam and need to score the relevant band in the order to qualify for the Australia Immigration.
  •  Assessment of Health : An assessment of heath is also a necessary portion of the Australia Immigration visa and to become an Australia Permanent Resident. An immigrant ought to be of sound health when they enter the country and should not carry in diseases. So to prove that an immigrant is of a sound heath, they need to go through the health assessment by the panel of doctors and undergo a medical examination.
  •  Assessment of Skills : Before applying for the Australia Permanent Residency Visa, an immigrant needs to get their skills assessed by the Australian assessing authority which is especially designed to assess your nominated occupation. The skills aids the immigrants to contribute sanguinely in the economy and if the skills are matched with the Australian standards then nothing can come your way to be the Australia Permanent Resident.
  •  Assessment of Character : An immigrant should possess a good character, which again will be assessed. So being a good character person becomes an inevitable part while an immigrant applies for the Australia Permanent Residency Visa. So it becomes crucial to have a good overall character.
  •  Work Experience : The immigrant should possess the requisite work experience in the nominated occupation. Work experience aids in proving your worth in the economy. Moreover, the relevant the experience you have, more are the chances of landing of jobs in your own niche. This means that work experience also plays a lion’s share role in the Australia Immigration process.
  •  Educational Qualification : The immigrants need to possess the necessary educational qualification to shoe their worth of being considered in the Australia Permanent Residency Visa. There are specific educations of every niche the Australian government is targeting at. So the immigrants should be educated enough to turn out to be a sanguine contributor in the Australian economy. This preset criteria aids the Australian government to allocate points as per the Australia PR Points System. It is a mandate to score the relevant points to proceed ahead in the system. The Australia Points Calculator aids an immigrant to check their scores for the Australia PR visa.


What are the benefits of Australia Immigration?

There are various benefits or perks attached when an immigrant plan to migrate to Australia. It is these benefits which allures the immigrants to be part of the developed economy and contribute sanguinely with the skills they possess. The benefits permits the immigrants to easily live, work, do business and settle in the country:
  •  Low unemployment rate : The kangaroo land has the lowest unemployment rate in the world. This is one of the most vital factors when an immigrant chooses Australia as one of the most favourite destinations over and above any other place. The lowest unemployment rate means, being a skilled immigrant, you have a higher chance to land into a job in Australia. There are various pathways available to seize the opportunities being offered by the country under the Australia Immigration Visa.
  •  Citizenship status : Within the 3rd year of 5 year Australia PR Visa period, the immigrants are eligible to apply for the citizenship status in the country. This is one of the biggest benefits or the perks attached to the Permanent Residency Visa of Australia. With the citizenship status, an immigrant is exposed to an ocean of opportunities and benefits being offered by advanced economy.
  •  Social Security Benefits : Being an immigrant on the Australia PR Visa, you are entitled for the social security benefits being offered by the country. This is the same benefit that is offered to the citizens of the kangaroo land. So this means you are treated equal as the citizens of the country while you are an Australia Permanent Resident.
  •  Free Healthcare facilities : The free and the subsidized healthcare facilities provided by the Australian government aids in less burden to the pockets of the immigrants in terms of taking care of their and family’s health. This is one of the crucial factors that aid an immigrant to live their life in the Australian continent and be a sanguine contributor as a whole. Good health is always the first priority of every person whether skilled or a businessman.
  •  Higher Standard of Living : Being a developed economy, the Australia provides a higher standard of living. It means that there is equal distribution of income in the hands of the citizens. This aids in keeping the discrimination aside making it an immigrant tolerant nation. Higher the standard of living, better the standard of thinking of people.
  •  Faster Visa Processing : The visa processing of the Australia Permanent Residency Visa is express in rate. This is due to the fact that Australian government wants to fulfil the economic demands of the country as soon as possible. This has lead to more immigrant friendly norms and procedures for visa processing.

What are the steps to apply for Australia Immigration?

In order to apply for the Australia Immigration and be an Australia Permanent Resident, the immigrant needs to follow the step by step procedure. These procedure judges the immigrant at each stage so that correct immigrants are picked up in order to boost up the economy. Following is the procedure that an immigrant needs to follow:
  •  Go through the initial eligibility check
  •  Give the language test for English
  •  Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)
  •  Receive Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  •  Submit the Application with 60 days of receiving ITA
  •  Granting of the Visa
If an immigrant passes through all the procedures, they are almost guaranteed the visa and they would definitely gain the Australia PR Visa. Though the immigration is one of the dynamic things ever, but more or less the procedure remains the same.

Australia Immigration Processing Time

Australia Immigration has a specific processing time which is adhered to while the visa is processed. The processing time is dynamic in nature and depends largely on the sort of application an immigrant file in. The processing time for Australia Immigration takes about 3 to 4 months. Following are the processing time ofmajor Australia immigration: In a nutshell, the kangaroo land invites the immigrants with open arms under the Australia Immigration norms. One must check what sort of visa they’ll be eligible for and if it’s a skilled visa, which occupation they’ll be nominating in the visa process to be an Australia Permanent Resident