Australia PR Visa

Australia Permanent Resident Visa

Australia is one of the most majestic countries alluring the aspiring immigrants to apply for its Australia Permanent Resident Visa. It not only allures the immigrants with its grandeur beauty but also possess heterogeneous opportunities aiding the immigrants to settle in the country and have a sanguine contribution in the kangaroo land’s economy. The immigration friendly policies and procedures of the Australia Immigration, has been able to attract and retain the immigrants who qualify under the Australia PR Point System. Moreover, the government of Australia has provided various major visas that aid the immigrants to attain the Australia Permanent Residency Visa status like subclass  visa.


What are the basic requirements of Australia PR Visa?

In order to immigrate to Australia and be an Australia PR Visa holder, an aspiring immigrant need to fulfill the certain criteria listed under the Australia immigration norms. These norms judge the candidates on the basis of their skills and how these skills can be used to contribute sanguinely in the Australia’s economic conditions. Moreover, the process to immigrate to Australia is a mix bag of online and offline activates that an immigrant need to adhere to. Then the immigrants are allocated with the relevant points as per the Australia Point System, which finally judges the future of the aspiring immigrants in the Australia immigration process. Following are some of the key documents required to apply for Australia Permanent Resident (PR) Visa:

  •  Sort out the key documents: The initial step is to sort out or arrange the key or vital documents in order to apply for the Australia PR Visa. This is one of the vital factors in the immigration system. More the information you provide about yourself through documents, more are the chances that your visa would be stamped sooner and less the documents you show, more the chances to get your visa rejected. So be wise while you file your visa initially. An immigrant should note at this stage is, apart from the regular documents required; they need to submit 2 additional documents which are as follows:

Skills Assessment Report

IELTS – English language test results

  • Hand pick the desired and appropriate visa: After sorting out all the required documents, the immigrants have to choose from variegated visas being offered under the Australia Immigration visa. This also plays a pivotal role in the immigration process because if the immigrant selects the wrong visa, there is a huge chance the visa may not be processed further. So an immigrant needs to be really very careful when they apply for the requisite visas. There are some common visas that are most famous among the immigrants. Few of them are – Subclass 190 Visa i.e. State Nominated Visa, Subclass 189 Visa i.e. Non Sponsored Visa and Subclass 489 visa i.e. Sponsored by state or territory or by family etc. So an immigrant needs to be careful while they select the particular visa category.
  • Stipulate any occupation from Skilled Occupation List (SOL): Once the visa is chosen, an immigrant need to hand pick an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List i.e. SOL. A point is to be noted at this stage is that, if an immigrant is applying through the subclass 190 visa i.e. the state sponsored visa, they need to choose the occupation from the combined list of eligible skilled occupation and if the immigrant is applying through the subclass 189 visa i.e. non sponsored visa, the occupations need to be chosen through the skilled occupation list i.e. SOL. So, as an immigrant it is you who have to keep in mind that what occupation list you have to refer to while the occupation is being is nominated from your side.
  • Filing your application in point based system: When everything is sorted, the immigrants need to file the application under the point based system. This means that an immigrant has to file the Expression of Interest i.e. EOI in the Skill-Select system of Australia which is an online system. In this you have to mention all your profile details:
    1.  Age
    2.  Work Experience
    3.  Education
    4.  Language Ability etc.

Then the immigrants would be allocated with the points as per the Australia Point System. It should be noted that a minimum of 65 points are required to qualify for the Australia PR Visa. More the points, the better are the chances to qualify for the said visa under the Australia immigration norms.

  • Fulfill the health and character requirements: The heath and character requirements are also the inevitable factors of the Australia immigration system. An immigrant should meet the health and character requirements to be proven as medically fit and morally good in character. The relevant concerning documentation need to be provided in order to prove you viability of the same after going through the relevant process.

The approximate Australia PR Visa processing time is 3 to 4 months. At this point it must be noted that the processing time depends upon numerous factors and these factors decide whether you would get the visa at early stage or at a later stage. The key elements that may affect the processing time of the visa are as follows:

  •  Simplicity of Visa Application Structure
  •  The records and candidature examination
  •  How simply and convincingly the questions has been answered
  •  The visa chosen by the immigrant to be applied

There are just few reasons that are being listed, but there can be many other reasons that could affect the processing time of the Australia PR Visa. Moreover, the individual visas may possess their own processing time under the Australia Permanent Residency Visa. Following are some of the most demanded General Skilled Migration i.e. GSM Visas that have their own processing time. Following are those General Skilled Migration i.e. GSM visas:

75% visa applications are processed under 7 months

90% visa applications are processed under 8 months

75% visa applications are processed under 7 months

90% visa applications are processed under 9 months

75% visa applications are processed under 7 months

90% visa applications are processed under 9 months

In a nutshell, the immigrants aiming or seeking to immigrate to Australia and gain the Australia PR Visa, they need to check what sort of visa they’ll be applying for and must ensure which visa they’ll be eligible for. It is because if an immigrant applies for the visa and occupation they are qualified for, then only they’ll be eligible for further scrutiny in the process and would finally gain the Australia PR Visa.