Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration

Canada has always been the immigrant friendly destination with almost 2,50,000 new immigrants arriving each year adding to the multiculturalism nature of the Canadian economy. This has been possible due to its liberal immigration policies and procedures which have aided to allure the aspiring immigrants finally having sanguine effect in the country’s economy. The Canada Immigration system have accelerated to an extent that, as per the government of Canada statistics the by 2031, half of the Canadian population would have had born overseas.

Over the years, Canada has proved to be an ideal country for aspiring immigrants looking to live, settle and work in the land of maple leaves. There are various visas customized by the Canadian government in order to cater to the needs to immigrants under Canada Immigration norms. It always seeks to have a balance of interest of the immigrants and the country’s economic conditions.

Benefits of Canada Immigration

The Canada Immigration is not only to propound the Canada Permanent Resident status to the immigrants of this astounding nation, but also has to proffer the heterogeneous perks attached to it. It aids in not getting restricted to the grand magnificence or accessing nature of the natural beauty. Following are the benefits of Canada Immigration:

  • Medical Benefits:

Being a Canada Permanent Resident Visa holder, the immigrant is exposed to the world class medical benefits either at cheap rates or for free. This covers heterogeneous health care facilities which are covered under the government’s medical insurance. So this forms one of the vital factors to be a permanent resident of the country.

  • Higher Standard of Living:

The standard of living is quite high which infers that distribution of income is amongst its citizen is quite even. Country doesn’t differentiate between any one. Every person is provided with the same world class facilities irrespective of their demographics.

  • Mushrooming Economy:

Canadian economy is mushrooming i.e. it is growing day by day delegating the benefits to its citizens or the immigrants who are part of the such a wonderful economy. This aids the immigrants to grow professionally and personally making Canada as one of the best places to live & work in.

  • Security and Safety:

Immigrants are provided with the safety and security under the Canadian law. The Canadian law system is transparent and corruption free making it best in class safety and security system. Moreover, as per the statistics, Canada has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, which is an icing on the cake

  • Immigrant Friendly:

Canada over the years has attracted many immigrants throughout. This indicates that the maple leaf country is an immigrant friendly. This has aided the country to become a dwelling economy for people with various cultural backgrounds, making the country one of the most tolerant nations in the world.

  • Employment Opportunities:

The country updates its in-demand occupation list as per the economic demands and needs of the country. Before proceeding ahead in the immigration process, one has to check if the person’s experience coincides with the occupational needs of the country. Every skilled worker has been taken into consideration under this list. This means that there are more than enough employment opportunities available for the immigrants in the nation.

  • Dwelling Grandeur Beauty:

It’s not just about the opportunities or job, the country has much more to offer. Canada is the home to the grandeur natural beauty. Possessing one of the best flora and fauna on the planet, makes it one of the best habitats for all sorts for homo sapiens.

  • Social Aid System:

The government of Canada takes the full responsibility of the Permanent Residents or citizens of the country. It provides the social aid to them who cannot afford themselves the basic necessasities to live. The government pushes them to the situation where they can be an active member in the economy and contribute in a sanguine way in the same.

  • Multi-Cultural Society:

Since long, the maple leaf country has been the hub of aspiring immigrants. People from all folks of life, dwell in the country making it one of the best multi cultured society in the world. It is due to its lenient immigration policies and procedures that it has been able to achieve such feat.

  • Affordable Housing and Amenities:

The housing and amenities in the country are at an affordable rate. So while an immigrant live in the country, they need not to worry about the housing and amenities. This leads to a lot of savings leading to a better lifestyle.


What are the immigration program for Canada Immigration?

Under the Canada Immigration policies, the Canadian government has provided the immigrants heterogeneous alternatives to immigrate to Canada. These alternatives are classified according to the skill set of the person and how they can contribute in the country’s economy. To qualify for these visas, the immigrant have to pass through various eligibility checks and score the relevant points as per the Canada Immigration Points Calculator. Following are the alternatives available:

Canada Express Entry System

The Canada Express Entry System was started in the year 2015 to proactively assess and hand pick the skilled immigrants from the possessing the right skills as per the federal economic immigration programs. It allows the immigrants to live and work in the maple lead country. Moreover it also permits the provinces or territories to use the system to pick the immigrants from Express Entry pool to meet the labour market demands:

    • Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Canadian Experience Class
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program or the PNP program empowers the province or territories of Canada to pick up the skilled immigrants who can optimistically contribute in the particular province’s economy. Every province has its own needs and requirements that aid them to pick the immigrants accordingly. Moreover there are some categories that are linked to the Express Entry System, aiding the provinces to pick the candidates directly from the Express Entry pool.

There are in total 11 provinces that take part in the Provincial Nominee Program. These provinces are as follows:

    • Alberta PNP
    • Ontario PNP
    • British Columbia PNP
    • Nova Scotia PNP
    • Newfoundland and Labrador PNP
    • Yukon PNP
    • New Brunswick PNP
    • Saskatchewan PNP
    • Manitoba PNP
    • Northwest Territories PNP
    • Prince Edward Island PNP

To get to the other end of the pipeline, the aspiring immigrants needs to be abreast with the immigration norms and procedures. Do check in the relevant pages in order to get the up to date knowledge of what is needed to be a part of the provincial economy and what all needs to be done to cover up the loss, if any.

Family Class Sponsorship

The Family Class Sponsorship Visa is for those immigrants who are willing to sponsor their relatives in Canada. The relatives once become the permanent residents of the country can live, study and work there. But to sponsor the relatives, an immigrant needs to fulfill certain criteria:

    • Person shall be registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian
    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Be a permanent resident of Canada or
    • Be a Canadian Citizen

Under the Family Class Sponsorship Visa, an immigrant can sponsor the following family members, wherein sponsorship of every member has its own procedures, fees, processing time, forms etc.:

    • Spouse/Common Law Partner or child
    • Sponsor parents and grandparents (Super Visa category)
    • Visiting the children or grandchildren
    • Sponsoring the relatives
    • Sponsoring adopted child

Canadian Investor VisA

The Canadian Investor Visa category is for those individuals possessing a high net worth and who has managed the overseas business. These sort of people are encouraged to invest in Canada, contributing in overall growth and prosperity. There are couple of categories which aids Canadian economy to select the immigrants under the said category:

    • Federal Investor Program
    • Quebec Investor Program

Quebec Immigration

Though being a province, the Quebec as its own immigration system which sets it apart from the rest of the provinces taking part in the Provincial Nominee Program. The Quebec Immigration selection system is designed to identify those candidates who possess the necessary skills to become economically established in the province. The province has provided with various selection modes for the immigrants, wherein according to the skills and the way they can contribute in the economy, the immigrants are picked up:

    • Expression of Interest System
    • Arrima Portal
    • Quebec Investor Visa
What are the eligibility Requirements for Canada Immigration?

In order to go to the other end of the pipeline, an aspiring immigrant needs to pass through the eligibility check and fulfill the requisite requirements in order to gain the Canada Permanent Resident visa and be a part of the developed economy. To judge the eligibility there are certain pre-defined conditions that are set put by the Canadian government:

    • Age (Max. 12 points)
    • Language Proficiency (Max. 28 points)
    • Experience (Max. 15 points)
    • Arranged Employment (Max. 10 points)
    • Education (Max. 25 points)

Moreover, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool is used to calculate the points for the aspiring immigrants under the Express Entry System for Canada Permanent Residency. The CRS point calculator is the combination of 4 points which are used to reach the final score:

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) = Human Core Capital (Max. 500 points) + Spouse Factor + Skill Transfer-ability Factor (Max. 100 points) + Bonus Points (Canada study experience/Canada Work Experience/Provincial Nomination) (Max. 600 points)

How to apply Canada Immigration?

In order to immigrate to Canada, an immigrant need to follow a specific procedure. Though it may seem to be easy at first glance but can be dismaying task if proper knowledge is not inculcated and is not applied properly through the process. Moreover, immigration being dynamic in nature, can offer you surprises at any point of time. So in order to make this formidable task into a glossy one, an aspiring immigrant need to take up the following process:

Check your experience with in-demand occupation

    • Have an eligibility
    • Get your skills
    • Expression of Interest (EOI)
    • Receiving of Invitation to Apply (ITA).
    • Apply for the visa within 60 days

The process may vary a little from visa chosen but yes the overall structure remains the same while you apply for the necessary visa. Before you apply for the visa, make sure you fulfil all the criteria and score the relevant points as per Canada points system.

In a nutshell, an immigrant, while applying for the said visa, has to check where they would be eligible to apply then only they should go ahead with the said visa immigration process.