British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

As a province, British Columbia is bigger than France, Germany and the Netherlands combined. The province is home to more than 4.6 million people with 40,000 immigrants arrive annually from around the world each year to call it home. The vibrant multicultural atmosphere and excellent quality of life make is a major destination for newcomers to Canada. Though BC’s economy has been dominated by natural resources since generations, it has diversified significantly in the recent years and now features an extensive industrial and service economy. The cost of living is comparatively than other regions, but so is the earning potential that makes average personal yearly earnings also quite high to compensate.

The BC Provincial Nominee Program has three ways to apply for Canada immigration. Depending on skill level, job, or international student status, you can become a permanent resident in BC.


Requirements of British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

    • The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Skilled Workers Category requires university degree or any post-secondary education/training.
    • The applicant must have a validated work experience in a skilled employment field that falls under NOC level 0, A or B.
    • For the applicants who have a job letter in a sector that needs training or certification, they must prove that they have reached this level of certification.
    • The applicant must be able to prove that he or she can pay for living expenses and housing in British Columbia.
    • The applicant is also required to give LIMA request that takes about two months to process. Once the LMIA is approved, applicant can apply for a work permit.
    • Proficiency in French/English


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