Canada Express Entry Program

Canada Express Entry Program

Canada Express Entry Program, the nation’s government, and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have become ambitious in the matters of Canada Immigration, and have set a BIG target for the next few years.

For the period 2019-20, the government is eager to attract a high figure of migrants, especially the economic ones. And, so it’s improving its immigration goals for the period. It will also expand its multi-year immigration levels plan through 2021, in the process, establishing the stage for the influx of 1.3 million new permanent residents from 2018 to 2021.

It means that the time is perfect for you to get a Canada Permanent Residence Visa, particularly if you want to apply through the federally run visa and immigration system. The reason: Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program applicants will get the highest figure of such visas.

It’s based on a points system. You have to get the minimum cut-off to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR in the nation. It’s correct only in theory as in truth only those with high scores get an ITA.   

How Canada PR Points System Works?

As it’s evident, it works on a points-based system. You have to get high number of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, to become eligible for overseas movement to the extensively visited destination.

What are the basic Process of Express Entry Program?

    • Create your profile
    • Share relevant and latest information, based on your age, education, work experience, language abilities, adaptability, arranged employment, etc.
    • Get not less than 67 points, out of the total of 100 available points, to enter the Express Entry Bank. If you manage to do so, your profile will become public for review for all the involved stakeholders, including the Canadian recruiters and the IRCC officials.

Express Entry Program Points Break-up

A total of 1200 CRS points are available; 600 for core and 600 for additional factors. 


    • Skills and experience aspects
    • Spouse or common-law partner aspects, like their language abilities & education
    • Skills transfer-ability, comprising education & job experience


    • Degrees, diplomas or certificates earned in the Maple Leaf Country
    • A legally valid employment offer
    • A nomination from either a Canadian province or territory
    • A brother or sister residing in the hotspot who has either citizenship or permanent residency
    • Good French language abilities


What are the requirements of express entry Program?

    • Are below 45 years, preferably between 18 and 35
    • Have the necessary abilities in one of the in-demand professions.
    • Have reasonably good English language proficiency.
    • Have an experience of at least 1 year in the listed profession.
    • Have educational level of at least graduation or its Canadian equivalent.
    • Getting Provincial/ territorial nomination or job decisive.

If you can get provincial or territorial nomination or work offer from a local Canadian recruiter, then you have a better chance of getting an ITA. While such a nomination will fetch 600 additional CRS points for you, an offer of job will boost your score by 200 extra CRS points. 

Jobs in High Demand in Canada This Year

Right from 0122 Banking, credit and other investment managers to 0124 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers; from 5222 Film and video camera operators to 5223 Graphic arts technicians several kinds of skilled professionals are in high demand in the Maple Leaf Country this year.

NOC Job Categories

According to the National Occupations Classifications (NOC) list, the country’s occupation in-demand list has been neatly divided into 3 classes of occupations–the NOC type O, A and B.

Job Category O in Highest Demand

Out of these, the Category O is for management job profiles. At present, these have the highest demand in the nation. If you have a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and similar merit in terms of education, besides not less than 1 year of job experience in a management profile, then your profile will fall in this category.

The remaining two categories of the NOC, namely, type A and B are also in high demand in the nation. Actually, in case your occupation or profile comes into any of the three classes, then you have a good chance this year even if you lack an offer of employment.

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