Step by Step Canada Immigration Process 2019

Canada Immigration Process

It’s a privilege and a matter of great pride to become a Canada Permanent Resident. However, to become so, you will have to move ahead in a planned manner, using the help and guidance offered by professional visa agents dealing with the required Canada immigration process.

The Maple Leaf Country offers numerous hassle-free visa and immigration programs, to enable the legal entry of migrants to the country on both permanent and impermanent basis.

At present, 80+ such programs are obtainable. And for that reason, everyone’s corridor to movement is distinctive.

For instance, several different categories for professionals and workers are accessible under which you can make the cut for your Permanent Residence (PR) Visa, and this includes the Federal Skilled Worker Programs, and Quebec Skilled Worker Programs, the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Canadian Experience Class, the Quebec Experience Class, besides the Federal Self-Employed Program. The right visa plan for you will depend on your specific features, your targets, and your specific state-of-affairs.

Benefits of Canada Immigration

Tailored after a great deal of research, and after consultation with all the involved parties, these programs are mutually beneficial for all the involved parties the visa applicants, the Canadian recruiters, and the Canadian Government.

While the candidates get a chance to move to the highly developed global economy and earn in dollars, through a hassle-free Canada immigration process , the Canadian recruiters get a chance to hire the best and the brightest talents from across the world, without worrying or navigating through the difficult and lengthy process.

The reason: the process, as mentioned before, is easy-to-follow even as all types of categories are available that suit the requirements of all kinds.

If an employer is looking to hire workers for a season to, say, on his farm, he has the option of the Working Holiday Visas that allow the applicants to work in the nation for a short period while they explore the popular destination and gain valuable work experience in the hotspot.

As far as the nation is concerned, it, perhaps, benefits the most. Through the Canadian immigration process, it gets a chance to welcome the cream of the global talent and investor and businessmen through numerous visa categories, with different legal validities and visa requirements.

This helps it not only get highly useful funds to boost its economy further and run and launch new companies, but also get the most talented and the most gifted young workers to add teeth to its already thriving economy, and make it more competitive and better, vis-à-vis its competitors.

Canada  PR Points System

Ottawa and the IRCC run many hassle-free and speedy PR Visa systems with Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Programs being the top two such systems. Both are fast, meant for economic applicants, and points-based.

The federally run system especially is 100% scientific and it assesses the worth of an applicant on the basis of the total number of points that he gets on certain pre-defined factors, including age, education, work experience (both gained overseas and in the Maple Leaf Country), language skills, adaptability, spouse’s skills & qualifications, etc.

Express Entry Points

A total of 1200 points are up-for-grabs on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) even as those who manage to score not less than 470 points have a fair chance of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for PR in the nation.

Provincial Nominee Program

The PNPs follow an almost similar mode of selection, and these, too, assess the worth of the applicants under certain parameters. It’s comparatively not very tough though to get a nomination from a province or territory and with it apply for PR.

Applying Through PNP Categories Aligned With Express Entry The Safest Bet

At present, most Provincial Nominee Programs have at least one of their visa categories aligned with the central selection system even as this has made the immigration journey of the economic candidates easier and more certain.

All you have to do to benefit from this is to express your interest in moving and settling in a specific province or territory in your profile created for Express Entry.

If it catches the attention of the province/territory on your radar, and if it finds it good enough for its requirements, it will nominate you for PR. And, with this, you will get 600 additional points.

This will remarkably improve your CRS score and make the process easier for you. So, while planning your journey to the popular destination through Express Entry, keep this factor in mind.

While we are on the subject, it would be pertinent to mention that the British Columbia’s Express Entry-linked immigration categories, reportedly, offered 3,100 nominations for PR during the year gone by.

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