Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada PR Visa, or rather permanent residence permit is surely the most desirable status that anyone would like to enjoy today. Every year millions of applicants place requests to obtain an entry into the Maple Leaf country as a permanent resident: there are sumptuous advantages to be availed.

Benefits of Canada Permanent Resident

To enumerate a few, one could enjoy by availing an opportunity to step into this country include:

    • Right to reside and work in any part of this country for a period of five years;
    • Permission to include spouse and children, within the specified age limit, in the application; thus allowing the whole family to migrate as permanent residents;
    • Right to travel from and to Canada innumerable times without needing to apply for a special permit;
    • Work as per convenience, the stay is not dependent on employment. One can join or leave a job at will, just like Canadian nationals;
    • Get education in any institution at one third of the costs of what international students must pay;
    • Access world class education facilities;
    • Access comprehensive health care services, Canada boasts of the best healthcare support among the top elite economies of the world;
    • Enjoy social security benefits offered by the government;
    • Enjoy a highly westernized lifestyle that is comparable with most of western societies; and
    • Qualify for Canadian citizenship through naturalization process.

In a past few years, movement to this country has become relatively easier, for the qualified skilled workers: the Canadian government has worked in direction of removing hurdles by imposing statutes that facilitate entry of only those who meet the PR requirements. You could also get migrate to Canada from India. You just have to meet certain criteria for this.


Canada Permanent Visa can be obtained through several pathways that include

    • Direct Express Entry – Federal high skilled that includes FSW, FST and CEC: the most popular route;
    • Provincial Nomination Programs: hosted by Canadian states and provinces;
    • Quebec Skilled Workers and Business programs;
    • AIPP – Atlantic Pilot Project;
    • Federal Business Program;
    • Economic Pilots – Caregivers.

Cumulatively, these programs are expected to invite about 191,000 in all, applicants from different classes in the 2019 edition.

Express Entry Program

Being a federal program, this has general specifications that every applicants must fulfill. This program allows the successful new entrants to reside, work and seek education in any part of the country.

Provincial Nomination Program – PNP

This scheme is driven by state specific programs and completely relies on the needs and criteria established by the provincial governments though general requirements must be met by all.

Requirements for Canada PR Visa

Canadian Permanent Residency is available to the qualified and bona fide applicants from across the world, who fulfill Eligibility For PR in Canada. These are decided on the basis of certain criteria deemed to be necessary for the profile.

Each of the above-stated programs have some all embracing, and certain specific qualification parameters. The Canada PR Requirements typically include age, qualifications, work experience, linguistic compatibility, and have appropriate financial credentials to settle down in Canada.

    • Age: The people intending to shift to Canada should be typically under 46 years of age.
    • Education: There are diverse requirements for different occupations and schemes. However, you must get an ECA done from one of the authorized credential assessment agencies, like WES.
    • Language compatibility: People intending to migrate through Express Entry program must get a CLB 9. The PNPs offer a more liberal criteria on this issue.
    • Work experience: You must have a minimum professional exposure in the area of your specialization.
    • Good health and character: Whatever may be the case, you must be in good health.

How to Apply for Canada PR Visa?

Applying for Canadian permanent visa is a simple and a well defined step by step process that you can initiate the moment you decide to rope in an expert by your side. The first step typically includes meeting the expert consultants and getting a peek into how do you fare well in the Canadian permanent residence process. Most of the applications for permanent residency, including federal and PNP, are routed through Canada Express Entry portal.

But, before that a comprehensive assessment of your profile must be carried out and points must be evaluated with the help of Canada PR Eligibility Calculator. This is a two phased process that is initiated by assessing your profile first for the FSW – Federal Skilled Worker scheme. In this phase you should be able to score a minimum of 67 points based on criteria that includes age, education, experience, language skills, education and linguistic skills of spouse.

When it is clear that you have fulfilled the initial requirement, the next step is initiated. This step undertakes advanced marks calculations that assesses the profile for the Express Entry profile. Here, although there is no minimum qualification marks are required, you must be able to score enough points to remain in fray for the ITA.

Once the fact has been established that you can get enough scores after getting an education credentials assessment and scoring appropriately in a language test, we can go ahead with the application creation process.

After you have produced the required documents logging of the application can begin. After submission, you wait for the receipt of ITA – that would mark the initiation of the final stage of assessment. You get two months to revert along with the requested documents and appropriate Canada PR Visa Fees from India.

Your Canada PR Visa Fees can vary depending on the number of members of the family included in the application for Canadian permanent residence. The final step includes stamping of passports with a Canadian permanent resident visa.

If you are inquisitive about moving to this country, you should contact us for a free assessment. Allow us to add wings to your desire and help you attain your dream journey to prosperity.