Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Canada Provincial Nominee Program

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program or the Canada PNP program, as the name suggests, empowers the provinces of Canada, taking part in PNP program, to hand pick the skilled immigrants, who through their skills can sanguinely contribute in the province’s economy. The needs and wants of the province are dynamic in nature, so they do keep on updating their in-demand occupation list. It is in these occupations that an immigrant need to carry experience in conglomeration with other factors, to be a part of the province’s economy.

Moreover, there are in total of 11 provinces that take part in the Provincial Nominee Program. These provinces affect the basic structure of the program and the program enables them to invite the candidates through various streams defined under each provincial nominee program. All the PNP are mentioned below:


There is one more province that isn’t the part of the mainstream Provincial Nominee Program. The province of Quebec has it’s own immigration program which sets it apart from rest of the program. Being the largest province amongst them all, it invites its immigrants through it’s own selection criteria. It invites the immigrants through its various streams:

    • Skilled worker program
    • Entrepreneur program
    • Investor program

Each stream has it’s own eligibility criteria which an immigrant need to go through in order to be a part of the province and enjoy the perks offered by the province.<

Benefits of Canada PNP Program

The PNP program not only provides you with the opportunity of being a Canada PR Visa holder but also some added perks as well. It is these perks which aids the province to allure the aspiring immigrants and take an all round care of them:

Plenty of opportunities for the immigrants as there is acute shortage of skilled workers.

It is sort of a duck soup pathway for Canada Immigration.

For categories linked to Express Entry, no mandatory job offer is required.

It almost guarantees the Permanent Residence Visa

This is just the small catalogue of the benefits offered, there are plenty more to be offered. It aids to overall take care of the immigrants and helps them to enjoy the same benefits as the citizens of the country.

How to Apply for Canada PNP Visa?

The Canadian government has defined couple of pathways to apply for the Canada PNP program aiding in anchoring of capsizing canoe. The aspiring immigrants can choose either of the pathways to immigrate to Canada:

    • Create an Express entry profile and then showcase the province you”ll be interested in.
    • If notification of interest from the opposite end, then you can contact them directly.
    • Under this, an immigrant applies through the Express Entry profile.
    • If nominated, the immigrants will be offered through their account and shall be accepted electronically


    • The aspiring immigrant applies to the province or territory and apply for nomination under their Express Entry System.
    • If the nomination occurs from the province’s side, an immigrant need to create an Express Entry profile or update the existing one and display that the immigrants are nominated.
    • Nomination shall be credited to your account which can be accepted electronically.

Best PNP to obtain a Canada PR Visa.

Every province has it’s own specific needs and demands with regards to skills it requires. Though every province has its own immigration needs , provinces under the PNP program aids to invite 61000 immigrants in 2019 and 67800 immigrants by 2020. Following are the provinces that have proved to be the best with regards to immigrant friendly policies over the years:

    • British Columbia
    • Ontario
    • Alberta
    • Manitoba
    • Sakatchewan

Which PNP requires the lowest IELTS score?

IELTS is basically the International English Language Testing Scheme, wherein it tests the ability of an immigrant, from non-English speaking nation, to conversate in English language in all aspects I.e. listening, writing, speaking and reading.

As far as the lowest score acceptability is concerned, the lowest CLB score I.e.  CLB 4  is accepted by the province of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This means an overall band score of 4 is atleast required in the IELTS exam to qualify for the Canada PNP Program.

In a nutshell, to be an immigrant under the Canada PNP program norms, they (the immigrants) need to fulfill all the specific criteria set out by the province to be a part of ever growing and prosperous provincial economy.