The only country which is also a continent, Canada takes pride in its diversity and freedom to live and express. Thousands of newcomers make it their home every year creating a society of mixed languages, nationalities and religions. Canada has long welcomed immigrants from other countries and has successfully converted this diversity into an economic benefit. Canada’s population is roughly around 24 million (2015) with New South Wales and Victoria being the most populous states. Sydney and Melbourne are the largest cities in Canada with the population concentrated along the coastal regions. The centre of Canada is sparsely populated. When it comes to immigration, Canada rules are not as tough as some of the other countries, which make it one of the popular spots for starting a new life. Canada also offers a dynamic range of visa programs for students, individuals with experience and businessmen.

Canadan Skilled Independent Visa is a points-based system that grants a visa to skilled individuals who are not sponsored by anyone, including employer, state or a family member. As a permanent visa, the Skilled Independent Visa gives an applicant to work and live permanently anywhere in Canada. The applicant gets full work rights. All applications are invited by invitations only.

The Skilled Nominated Visa is for foreign individuals ageing 45 or less interested in living in Canada permanently. As a State nominated visa program, it works on a points system. Applicants can submit their application to the Skill Select online registration system of Canada and obtain a nomination based on their skills and education.