Our Services

Our Services

We at Uniglobe immigration, are specialists in dealing with immigration process for Canada and Australia under skilled and business migration programs. We carry a expansive experience in providing transparent assessment of profiles and assisting applicants appreciate eligibility criteria that they need to qualify for their applications to be through.

Expert Advisers This is our niche skill and transfer the benefits of our expertise to our clients. You will find us by your side at every step:

    • We help you compare benefits that various destinations – like Australia and Canada – offer to new permanent residents;
    • We help you with comprehensive and reliable visa services.
    • We always follow a carefully defined process of deal with each individual case, and provide our customers with exhaustive expert assessment for Australia and Canada.

Our Forte We have been extending outstanding services for following categories:

    • Skilled immigration
    • Business and Investor immigration.
    • Skilled Immigration
    • We always follow a carefully defined process of deal with each individual case, and provide our customers with exhaustive expert assessment for Australia and Canada.

Under the current immigration policy arrangements of Australia and Canada, we are helping our clients immigrate through following classes of visa:

Canada Express Entry Provincial nomination Programs popularly known as PNPs

    • Alberta PNP
    • British Columbia PNP
    • Manitoba PNP
    • Nova Scotia PNP
    • Ontario PNP
    • Saskatchewan PNP

Our services Skilled immigration

    • Profile evaluation and advice
    • Finalizing categories available
    • Documentation Assistance
    • Guidance on language skills – CELPIP/IELTS/TEF(as applicable)
    • Filling the forms and submitting the application
    • Career Counseling
    • Refusal case analysis and refilling

Business Immigration

    • Assessment of profile.
    • Category available to qualify.
    • Guidance on setting up business.
    • Documentation assistance.
    • Assistance on exploratory visit(if required)

Profile evaluation and advice: Assessing chances of you moving to your desired location through brainstorming session. This is done in compliance with applicable eligibility criteria of immigration laws. This session leads to a Brainstorming session with you, where we discuss possibilities of you moving to your desired destination.

Finalizing Categories available: Evaluating your profile helps determine the category and occupational code that your qualifications and experience suffice for, and increase your chances of successfully immigrating. There are several federal and provincial nomination pathways available for the qualified immigrants.

Documentation Assistance: We render comprehensive support in helping you source and obtain all the necessary documentation needed to your profile. This is the most critical part of immigration process, so we make it point to provide you on appropriate advise on following aspects:

    • Getting credential assessments;
    • Obtaining language scores;
    • Compiling your details about:
    • Professional endeavors; and
    • personal details, etc.

This is followed by cross-checking to ascertain that everything is in order and as desired.

Guidance on language skills – CELPIP/IELTS/TEF(as applicable): Based on the probability of your chances of scoring adequate marks for selection in either Express Entry and PNPs in case of Canadian immigration, we advise and provide necessary information on which language test you need to write and how much do you need to score. We can also suggest which language test you should opt for.

Filling the forms and submitting the application Fresh applications: We carry an extensive experience in helping our clients with the process creating your profile, filling the application forms, and submitting them – online or off-line by post.

Second set of applications

Our services do not just stop at the submission of fresh applications, we continue to be with you up to the last stage After you get an invite to go ahead with the second set of application for the Canada permanent residence visa, we make it point it promptly reply and submit the second set.

For that, we assist you in compiling the required documents and proofs that must accompany the second set, and also ensuring that all papers are in order and in confirmation with the claims made in the first set.

Visa stamping

The final phase in your much dreamt journey to your desired destination. We help you here also by helping you compile documents that you need to submit with your passport.

Landing facilities

Moving to an alien location can have its own perils, but if you have someone to help you arrange certain preliminaries, like arranging accommodation, pick up and drop services from airport. Do not worry, you can avail our services here too. We make use of our network to help you overcome these early hiccups and settle comfortably.

Career Counseling

Pre-assessment:There are several programs running in conjunction with the current Canadian business and investment immigration schemes.

We assess your profiles and carry out an exhaustive evaluation of all aspects, on following terms:

    • Age
    • Financial credentials
    • Net gross worth
    • Business and investment exposure and background.
    • Category available to qualify

On the basis of a comprehensive and transparent assessment of profile, the classes of business and investment immigration that fit your profile can be determined.

After this, the application process can start. One can apply through a plethora of federal and provincial business investment schemes – like:

    • Quebec
    • Federal start-up
    • Province backed business migration programs
    • Guidance on setting up business
    • Establishing a business venture in an alien environment can be a tedious and a tricky process, but proper inputs about the prospects, potential of industry and area can make things easier for you.

We help you find appropriate venues and develop a network that can prove to be highly beneficial.

We enjoy a good network of business consulting professionals all over Canada, with help of which you can make a well-informed decision about establishing your business venture or parking your funds in bona fide venues – approved by Canadian government.

This can be of a great help in preparing a business plan to prove the candidature for business migration.

Documentation assistance

Getting together documentation for the business immigration that may include: Documents that substantiate gross asset valuables in possession of principal applicant and spouse, as applicable, like banks statements, papers of assets and property and business credentials; Proofs that substantiate applicants claim that they are prepared to make a requisite investment in a designated venue, or a prepared to establish a business venture in Canada, like blueprints of business or investment; and Statements of accounts and business that evidence past experience and business track record

Assistance on exploratory visit(if required)

If you need to go to Canada to explore opportunities there, there is no need to worry. We help you at every step of this process. Before you undertake an exploratory visit to Canada, we provide you with prior information about following factors:

Cities and their topographical facts;

Federal and local laws and by-laws relating to industry and specific sectors; Business potential and resource availability can be of a great help. We make sure that you board the flight to Canada with an intent of exploring business potential there, you are equipped with all the necessary details.

Australia immigration

Australia has an elaborate skilled immigration framework, that is more or less based on a specified occupational list. To be able to migrate to Australia, Off-shore candidates must necessarily prove their eligibility on the basis of their education and professional exposure that must compliment strictly with the job descriptions of the occupational code being quoted in the immigration request.

Under the current arrangement, one can migrate to Australian shores under the following classes of visa: